Bharat Ane Nenu 2018

Bharat, a graduate raised in London clueless about the future becomes the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh due to the circumstances. New to India and with no political knowledge he learns the ropes quickly and governs efficiently. However, while he endears himself to the crowd, he makes enemies out of the political class, including his own party members who create trouble for him and try to stop him from bringing in changes in the society.

Nenu Local 2017

This story is about a happy-go-lucky young man, Babu, who falls in love with a girl. However, he runs into a problem while convincing her father to permit them to be together.

Nenu..Shailaja 2016

Hari (Ram), a DJ in Vizag, proposes to many girls none of them accept his love. One day he sees a beautiful girl Sailaja (Keerthi Suresh) and also impresses her but doesn't propose to her fearing that he would be rejected. Hari spends some good times with Sailaja and right when he proposes his love, she rejects him point blank. An upset Ravi continues with his life and as time passes by, he gets a huge clue which could help him getting back his love.

Nuvvu Nenu 2001

Ravi (Uday Kiran) is the son of a multimillionaire in Hyderabad. Vasundhara (Anita), is the daughter of a milk supplier. Ravi and Vasundhara both study in the same college. The film starts with Vasundhara showing hatred towards Ravi, as he is a sportsman who is not good in his studies. Over a period of time, her hatred turns into love. Finally, they both fall in love, but their parents do not agree with their marriage. Parents plan to avoid the marriage by giving the couple a clause that they should not meet each other for one year. If their love remains even after one year then their parents would agree to let them marry. Father of Ravi puts him under house arrest in Mumbai. While Vasundhara's father takes her to his hometown and arranges a forced marriage. However, both Ravi and Vasundhara manage to escape. The rest of the story is about how the pair unites against all odds.

Thanu Nenu 2015

Kiran(Santosh Shobhan) is a call center employee who hates America and NRI culture. One fine day, he comes across Keerthi(Avika Gor) and falls in love with her. As time passes by, even Keerthi approves his love and the couple spend some happy times together. On the other hand, Keerthi’s father(Ravi Babu) is a shrewd man who only dreams of sending his daughter to the US for big bucks. Twist in the tale arises when he decides to get his daughter married to an NRI. What will Kiran do now ? How will he stop Keerthi from leaving to the US ? Why does Kiran hate America ?

Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu 2002

Nuvvu leka Nenu Lenu is a very successful Telugu film starring Tarun, Arthi Agrawal, Laya, Sharath Babu, Chanra Mohan and Radha Kumari. This film gave a good boost to the career of Tarun, when he was facing a rough patch.

Naanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends 2016

The story of a pampered girl who is uncertain about settling for an arranged marriage. When her father gives her an opportunity to look for a suitor, she falls in love with three of them and gets into a fix.

Nenu Meeku Telusa...? 2008

Aditya (Manoj Manchu) has a strange disorder. His memory keeps refreshing every night he sleeps, but he wakes up with a blank mind every day. Only two people (his uncle and his personal doctor) know about his problem. He falls in a situation where he is accused of a murder. The rest of the story is all about how he rescues himself.

Nenu Naa Rakshasi 2011

Abhi (RaNa) is a sharp shooter and a professional killer, who murders for money. Meenakshi (Ileana) who works in a coffee shop, has a dark side to her. She shoots the final moments of people wishing to end their lives and uploads those videos on the Internet.

Nenu Kidnap Ayyanu

A group of aspiring engineers struggling to get their ambitious project approved meet Dubey, an elite software legend who dismisses their project as being mediocre but employs them under bench period policy. Soon, the engineers discover that Dubey has deceived and betrayed them and to seek revenge they kidnap him but not literally.

Nanna Nenu Na Boyfriends

Naanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends (English: Father, Me and my boyfriends) is a 2016 Indian Telugu romantic comedy film directed by debutant Bhaskar Bandi. Starring Hebah Patel, Tejaswi Madivada, Rao Ramesh, Parvateesam, Noel Sean and Ashwin Babu is the lead roles.

Nenunnanu 2004

Venu is an orphan and a contractor at Vizag port. Anu is a student in classical singing. Sruthi is Anu's friend. Anu makes an attempt to elope with her boyfriend Arun. Arun is the son of a Business tycoon JP. JP sends police across to nab Anu. As police nab Arun, Venu rescues Anu.

Nenúfares 2018

Identity. The name is Nenúfares.

Cheer Up, Virginijus! 1962

The film about the city of Naujoji Akmenė is regarded as one of the first Lithuanian attempts to liberate itself from the stereotypes of the Soviet documentary. Even though the remnants of the “Socialist prosperity” are clearly perceptible in the movie, the process of directing is obtaining more freedom: the voiceover is losing its canonization, and the power of the narrator is given to the main character, a small child Virginijus.

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