Green Plaid Shirt 1997

the lives of two ordinary men who find love together only to lose it. In an era of easy sex and open relationships they have only two rules: dont fall in love with others and no jealousy. Still rules are made to be broken. Eventually a single act of forgiveness restores their love.

Cristiano's Shirt 2011

Tom and Ptit Lu, two 11-year old children, dream of buying the same shirt as their idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately their parents are no help, saying “the crisis” means there’s no money to spend. In this economical crisis that they don’t really understand, our two heroes will try to get what they’re longing for: Cristiano’s shirt!

Too Smooth 1998

Danny Reilly (Dean Paras) is a self-obsessed man who, after dumping Renee Weber (Neve Campbell), falls in love again with Corey Wells (Katie Wright). But Renee makes it her mission to see that Danny never falls in love again and sets out for attack when he falls for Corey. Who will get the girl when Danny's constantly talking roomie Tim (Stefan Brogren) falls in love with Corey too?

The Servant's Shirt 1999

This film suggests a network of hierarchical relations between people through sometimes subtle and at other times blunt illustrations.

My White Shirt 2015

Rob Krikke (33) has Down’s syndrome and is an actor with a theatre company. Since his sister died in an accident, that event won’t let go of Rob anymore. A decision is taken to make a play about her death. Documentary maker Didderiëns follows this process closely, shunning neither poetry nor confrontation.

The Rock Shirt 2011

A man who is about to become a father for the first time is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice: giving up a prized and completely useless possession.

Song Of The Shirt 2015

Film starring Richard Barnett, Robbie Barnett and Paul Bentall

His Dress Shirt 1911

A lost film. Mr. Kirby has rather a tarty disposition for a newly married man and his wife is exactly the reverse, being eager to look after his comfort even to the minutest detail. Kirby receives an invitation to attend a stag dinner on Thursday night and begins to make preparations Tuesday. He has only one dress shirt and admonishes his wife to have it sent to the laundry immediately. The wife sets about to do so, but she receives an invitation from a dear friend to go motoring and, of course, forgets all about the shirt. The evening of the dinner arrives and Kirby returns home out of sorts. He hunts for the dress shirt and then consults his wife as to it's whereabouts.

My Pink Shirt 2007

Drama - Regency is a fatherless fifteen year old. Having to face her mother succumbing to the AIDS virus, she must survive on her own. She is forced to prostitute herself to feed her addictions, attend to her mother’s needs, and pay the rent. - Peter Bloch-Hansen, Badih Bou Chakra, Milly Crnogorac

William in White Shirt 2015

William in White Shirt portrays a young man contending with life in a difficult neighborhood of Vancouver. In observing his various daily encounters, the film explores his lighthearted approach towards the transitions he is living through.

The Last Clean Shirt 1964

In this short film, comprising a single shot, a man and woman take a car ride through downtown Manhattan. The woman speaks in double-talk Finnish, which is interpreted into a brilliantly beautiful story through subtitles written by O’Hara.

The T-Shirt 2006

An American man walks into a small store in Slovakia. At first he's happy to find a fellow fan of baseball and the Stars and Stripes on the wall. On his way out, his eyes fall upon the t-shirt the store clerk is wearing and his mood changes dramatically.

T-Shirt Stories 2011

This documentary offers an immersion in the culture of the tee-shirt, this simple piece of clothing has become a work of art for some and counter culture symbol for others. American Apparel founder Dov Charney, Earsnot, Tony Alva, Jim Philips, Mark the Cobrasnake and VERBAL all make appearances amongst an eclectic group of creatives.

Voodoo T-Shirt 2009

Dennis suddenly finds himself suddenly impotent after a near sexual encounter and must rectify the situation after learning about a cursed shirt that he wore.

The Song of the Shirt 1979

Song tells the story of the women who worked in Victorian London's clothing sweatshops, eschewing a conventional narrative in favour of a series of still photographs and acted reconstructions to show that this story has been rewritten/written-over many times before.

Man in an Orange Shirt 2017

A love story in two films charts the very different challenges to happiness for Michael and Thomas in the aftermath of World War 2, and to Adam and Steve in the present day.

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