M*A*S*H 1970

The staff of a Korean War field hospital use humor and high jinks to keep their sanity in the face of the horror of war.

Monster Mash 2000

As the story unfolds, we meet the three main monsters: Frank, the monster from Frankenstein; Drac, the vampire, and Wolf, the werewolf. They were once the scariest of monsters, but now they have become associated with "fun." That's why they have been called before the Court of Horrors. They must prove that they can still be scary, and if they fail they will be sentenced to an eternity of entertaining at children's parties. They are given 24 hours to terrify the Tinklemeister family, but what should be a no-brainer turns out to be a nightmare. Mom and Dad Tinklemeister are easy to scare, but Stella and Spike, the Tinklemeister children, are another story altogether. The monster trio becomes frustrated and finally lets the family in on their dilemma. The Tinklemeisters understand and help them try to gain back their scary status. Just when it looks like the threesome will win their case, three new modern monsters show up to foil their plan. It's Stella and Spike to the rescue.

Mash SF 2007

Mash is a testament to the efficacy of the frame, wheels, cockpit, and drive-train that carry us through SF's labyrinth of lanes, alleys, and everything in between. This video recognizes those who have inspired us with their unique presence in the streets, who have created an accelerated style of riding bikes built for the track but tailored for daily abuse. The synthesis of this video sprang from a desire to show the world how these locals take ownership of San Franciscos dense landscape and display an incredible amount of focus, fluidity, and grace in the process.

Mash SF 2015

Mash is a group of friends: racers, artists, students, musicians, designers, and photographers, all connected through bikes. What started as a small video project and have grown into a team of racers, a line of bikes produced with Cinelli, and an outlet for friends to support each other through bikes. The accompanying video takes a narrower view than the book, focusing primarily on street-riding in San Francisco. With exceptional riding and up-close cinematography, the video captures the joy of riding track bikes in a city like SF and passes that excitement along.

All Male Mash Up 2006

All Male Mash Up makes use of the gay porn industry’s marginalia: establishing shots revealing urban landscapes of the recent past, charmingly inept dialogue scenes, and close-ups of performers, many now dead. This material, while of no particular commercial use, can be seen as an invaluable document of a lost world of eroticism and sociability.

The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell 1968

Sgt. O'Farrell an Army soldier on an island in the South Pacific during World War II is trying to bring the two basics of life to his fellow servicemen, women and beer. The supply ship carrying the beer is torpedoed and the contingent of nurses consists of six males and ugly nurse Nellie Krause. If he could at least try to salvage the shipment of beer.

Meatball Machine 2005

Capable of making bio-mechanical weapons out of human flesh, alien parasites grotesquely invade the Earth, turning their hosts into maniacal killers who seek and destroy each other to the bloody death! And yes, it s also a human love story, even though the budding romantics are infested with slimy, tumor-like globules.

Comrade 2006

After discovering that his father has lied to him for years about his estranged sister and his mother, 14-year-old Ilan runs away from home and ends up living with his sister, Dalia, who works on a cruise ship and is having an affair with a married man. While Dalia is at work, Ilan explores her down-and-out neighborhood and discovers and befriends Avram, an elderly holdout Communist living in an abandoned building with his weapons cache and marijuana-growing business, biding his time for the ultimate battle against the capitalists.

Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal 1970

Two Japanese men help a Vietnam war deserter escape from Japan for Sweden. They plan to fund the escape by selling LSD pills. After word of the drug deal gets spread around they find themselves fending off rival gangs.

Mashooka 2005

After a longish lull, TIME presents 'Mashooka' that is produced and directed by Afzal Ahmed. Aditya Bal makes his debut as a hero and looks each bit a 'desi' hunk while Meghna Naidu and popular model Vidya Malavade (Inteha) are the sirens opposite him. Sajid Wajid and Jalees Sherwani handle the music department.

Mashup 2014

film by Antonia Kuo

Mashooq 1992

Suman Rai informs her wealthy brothers, Kedarnath and Sandeep of her marriage with middle-class, Shankar Kumar, the one her brothers rejected. An angry Sandeep then picks up a gun and headed for the wedding venue only to enter into fist-cuffs with Shankar which ended up leaving Sandeep dead. The police then arrests Shankar and places him before the court only to be given benefit of doubt and is acquitted. But Kedarnath refuses to have anything to do with Shankar where-by Suman moves in to live with Shankar and his younger brother, Karan. Years later Karan meets and befriend Neha; the daughter of Kedarnath. Their friendship eventually blossom to love. But how will they know that this relationship will only lead to complications as the father and brother will never accept their marriage.

Mashaal 1984

After being dismissed from his employment as a newspaper editor, for writing against S.K. Vardhan, a influential politician and underworld don, Vinod Kumar, re-locates to the slums of Bombay, and starts his own publication. He soon runs into problems with the local street-gangs, one of which is headed by the notorious Raja. Vinod adopts a positive approach, and this brings out the best in Raja, who even manages to take Vinod's wife, Sudha, to hospital, risking his life, during a Bombay Bandh. Raja then decides to go straight, give up his gang, and study further, encouraged by girlfriend, Geeta. He leaves the slums to upgrade. Several months later, he returns back, anxious to get working with Vinod and his publication, only to find that Vinod is now a criminal don, who has no interest whatsoever in any publication, nor in Raja.

God's Neighbors 2012

Rules must be followed. For the "supervisors" of the Bat Yam neighbourhood in Israel, this means ensuring that women are dressed appropriately, that people respect Shabbat, or that Arabs from Jaffa don't enter the neighbourhood with music blaring from their cars. Avi, Kobi and Yaniv are young and know how to fight. They want to force their neighbours to become religious, without hesitating to be violent in the name of God. The inhabitants admire the gang and are afraid of them at the same time. One day a new girl, Miri, arrives. She is not familiar with the strict rules of modesty. The gang's leader Avi is going to be torn between his feelings for Miri and his dedication to the gang.

M*A*S*H 1972

The 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital is stuck in the middle of the Korean war. With little help from the circumstances they find themselves in, they are forced to make their own fun. Fond of practical jokes and revenge, the doctors, nurses, administrators, and soldiers often find ways of making wartime life bearable.

Mash Up 2011

Mash Up is a 2012 television series on Comedy Central hosted by T. J. Miller that features stand up comedians and visualizations. Series was spawned from a 2011 special of the same name. Steve Heisler at the The A.V. Club reviewed the show and gave it a grade of A-.

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash was a children's cartoon series broadcast on CITV in 1989, and repeated until around 1993. The series consisted of 24 five minute episodes.

Mash and Peas

Mash and Peas was a parodic sketch show written by and starring Matt Lucas & David Walliams. Their first television work together, it originally aired on Paramount Comedy 1 and Channel 4 between 1996 and 1997. The episodes were repeated before the channel's relaunch in 1999. The programme is made up of parodies of various television genres, introduced by the childish and incompetent Danny Mash and Gareth Peas. Edgar Wright directed and long-standing collaborator Paul Putner appeared throughout.

The Mash Report 2017

Satirical and surreal news show. Nish Kumar and a cast of hilarious correspondents keep you up to date with everything that has happened - or not happened - this week.

Marvel Mash-Up 2012

The Marvel Universe is turned upside down with these humorous and unexpected takes on iconic Marvel heroes and villains - featuring classic animation with new voices and editing.

Kally's Mashup 2017

Kally is a musical prodigy trying to juggle being a classical piano virtuoso, a normal 14-year old girl, and having a secret desire to become a world-famous pop-star.

Masha and the Bear 2009

Masha is an energetic three-year-old who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Bear is a warm, fatherly figure that does his best to guide his friend and keep her from harm, often ending up the unintended victim of her misadventures.

Mashin Eiyuden Wataru 1988

Mashin Hero Wataru is a comedy/adventure Super Robot multimedia franchise originally consisting of 45 episode anime series created by Sunrise first aired on April 15, 1988. Sunrise credited "Hajime Yatate" for the storyline and Shuji Iuchi directed the series. The series employs a kinetic visual gag style, often employing characters running with their feet over their shoulders derived from Sunrise's previous Super Robot anime series Choriki Robo Galatt.

The Mashup Monkeys 2017

The chapter begins with a rave party where three main protagonists Dodo, Papai and Ronty popped a pill, sold by a random drug dealer, and this becomes the inception of upcoming chaos. Next morning Ronty starts having fearful visions, which will later pull the narrative. On the other hand Papai, who is in a bad space with his girlfriend Salini get involved into a new turmoil with some unknown goons. Dodo starts feeling uneasy and his tummy inflates like a pregnant women. Ends with a fight where Ronty will show his power and will beat the goons black and blue. Symptoms of these three main guys will somehow give a thrill and also a sharp instinct to move forward into more chaos.

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