Why Him? 2016

A dad forms a bitter rivalry with his daughter's young rich boyfriend.

Why Me? 1990

A jewel thief steals a sacred ruby which sets off a chase by the police, the Turkish government, nutty American terrorists, and the CIA.

Why? 1996

A film based on a Tolstoy novel about naïveté, idealism and love facing harsh reality.

Why Hide? 2018

A diverse group of friends gather for the festive season in a remote lodge but soon plans go awry. One of the friends goes missing and the truth behind why the lodge was booked for the holiday is disclosed. Christmas quickly turns to chaos and a bloody nightmare ensues.

Why Did I Get Married? 2007

The film is about the difficulty of maintaining a solid relationship in modern times. Eight married college friends plus one other non-friend (all of whom have achieved middle to upper class economic status) go to Colorado for their annual week-long reunion, but the mood shifts when one couple's infidelity comes to light. Secrets are revealed and each couple begins to question their own marriage

Why Stop Now? 2012

When a college piano prodigy tries to check his mother into rehab, he is taken hostage by her drug dealer and swept along on a wild adventure.

The River Why 2010

A young man abandons his family for a solitary life of fly-fishing. His goal was to find his own way in the fishing world and thereby find himself and love.

Why We Fight 2005

Is American foreign policy dominated by the idea of military supremacy? Has the military become too important in American life? Jarecki's shrewd and intelligent polemic would seem to give an affirmative answer to each of these questions.

Why Cheat India 2019

Rakesh Singh runs a business that allows education scams to flourish in the country. He enrolls bright students into his plan, makes them write proxy exams for students who are unable to score or pass, and then, helps them procure a fake degree.

Why Did I Get Married Too? 2010

Four couples reunite for their annual vacation in order to socialize and to spend time analyzing their marriages. Their intimate week in the Bahamas is disrupted by the arrival of an ex-husband determined to win back his recently remarried wife.

Why there is something rather than nothing 2019

There is something exhilarating about observing an artistic star that shines at the edge of the cosmos, and steadfastly refuses to move to the centre, that even seems to vanish beyond the periphery as time and fashion move on, only for it to become visible again”. Tim Cawkwell.

Why? 2015

The 40-year-old director Yoav was asked by the editor of “Cahiers du Cinéma” to write about the potency of a specific cinematographic image. Yoav recalls his first encounter with Pasolini’s Teorema, back when he was still a soldier in the Israeli army. Nadav Lapid has created an alter ego director. In just a few scenes, Lapid condenses the moments that have ultimately altered the director’s life. Lama? is an extremely personal film that tangibly illuminates the vast potential inherent in cinema.

Why 1999

The plot revolves around a girl, who manages to get romantically involved with two people - one in real life and one she meets on the internet from the USA, but neither of these men know about each other. The fun starts when her internet lover makes a business trip to the Philippines, where both her lovers meet up and discover that they're going out with the same girl.

Why 2017

The affecting anatomy of the decision to make the last push for the summit and the almost surreal reflections on what might have been.

Why? 1987

Why? (Czech: Proč?) is a 1987 Czechoslovak drama film directed by Karel Smyczek. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1988 Cannes Film Festival. The film deals with the hooliganism in Czechoslovakia, particularly with the fans of football club Sparta from Prague, whose supporters were the pioneers of the football fan riots in Czechoslovakia, starting with hooligan actions already in the 1960s, like breaking the trains in which they travelled when they went on Sparta's away games. The film deals with one of such episodes

Why Korea? 1951

30 minute long Oscar winning documentary

Why 2016

Many have attempted to shed light on the reasons why some of us purposefully fling ourselves in the path of danger. For some, it's pure escapism. For others, it's about the adrenaline. Whatever the reasons, there's no denying that dangerous pursuits are a big part of life for a lot of people. And in 'WHY', director Hugo Clouzeau uses Icelandic rapids and some extreme French kayakers to explore what makes people put it all on the line in the name of 'fun'.

Why You Do This 2010

This personal story is told from the perspective of satellite engineer and vocalist Michael Dafferner, who is a member of an unknown 'math-core' metal band called Car Bomb. Over the course of three years--and three tours--he interviews the groups he performs with and questions why they are following the same frustrating path. Struggling with the reality of working a nine-to-five job and the desire to be a full-time musician, he examines why he chose such an unpopular genre of music. As he tours with more successful bands he begins to uncover the true meaning of success and why these bands take such big risks. Includes interviews with Lamb of God, Gojira, Richard Christy and many more.

Why Not! 2007

Maggie (Anna Cieslak) - comes from the province. Only come to Warsaw to begin studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. When you leave school - with a diploma in hand - must find a job, which is not an easy task from the perspective of today's graduates opting for more emigration than to seek a good job in the country. In the case of Gretel everything ends happily, and in addition to that dream job find your love?

13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons 2017

This 30-minute segment gives insight into the production of the Netflix series and the importance of the themes of suicide, cyberbullying, sexual assault and mental illness, featuring interviews from the cast, director, writers, psychologists, author Jay Asher, and executive producer Selena Gomez.

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